Frequently asked questions

Does The Products Work?

Results do vary but we have received many compliments and great reviews on our product line. Our hero ingredient matcha powder, helps revive the skin whichs provides a refreshed glow. Our cleo oil offers high grade natural oils that compliment the human body in an effort to develop nourished skin.

How Long Should I Keep On The Face Tea Mask?

5-7 Minutes Would Be Great But You Can Leave It On Longer, It Is To The Customers Peference.

What Is TSB's Shipping Policy?

Standard Shipping Is 3-5 Business Days & Cost On Average $6.00-$7.00USD

Are The Products All Natural?

Yes, and products are made the week of your shipment to ensure freshness. We only use ingredients that you can eat, and to be honest our formulas don't taste bad but we wouldn't suggest consumption.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Products?

Mask can last up to 21 days at room temperature. Scrubs are good to use up to 60 days. Oils may be used up to 12 months after purchase.

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